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Why should I attend a course?

Training offers numerous benefits for both Councillors and employees:


  • Skill Development: Training provides Councillors and staff with opportunities to develop new skills or enhance existing ones, this can improve their performance and productivity in their current roles.


  • Increased Satisfaction with their role: Councillors and staff who receive training feel more valued & invested in, leading to higher morale and staff retention.


  • Improved Employee Retention: Investing in employee training shows a commitment to their professional development, which can increase loyalty and reduce turnover rates.


  • Adaptation to Change: In today's rapidly changing environment, ongoing training helps Councillors and staff stay abreast of new technologies, processes & legislation.


  • Enhanced Reputation: A commitment to employee development and training can enhance a Council's reputation.


  • Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness: Well-trained Councillors are more efficient and effective in their roles, leading to improved overall performance and value for money for the electorate. It also makes it less likely that rules are broken, unsafe resolutions are passed and the chances of Councillors breaching the Code of Conduct are reduced.


  • Safety Compliance: Training on safety procedures and protocols ensures that Councillors and staff understand and adhere to workplace safety regulations, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and potentially prosecution.


  • Innovation and Creativity: Training can foster a culture of innovation and creativity by encouraging Councillors to think critically, solve problems and explore new ideas.

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